Sand Man crew concerned about Puget Sound health

OlympiaSeptember 17, 2013 

I want to assure The Olympian’s readers that all Sand Man foundation board members and volunteers share Kevin Farrell’s concern for the health of Puget Sound.

Farrell criticized me for putting varnish chips directly into Budd Inlet as a result of refinishing activity on the tugboat. If he had looked closely at the picture in The Olympian, he would have noticed that my sander had a hose attached that was connected to a vacuum cleaner. This arrangement is highly effective in capturing material being removed by the sander.

In addition, all of us who do this kind of work on the Sand Man vacuum the deck at frequent intervals to catch anything not captured by the power sanding system. I wear a respirator to be extra cautious, but it’s probably not necessary.

I’m confident that no toxic material goes into Budd Inlet as a result of our maintenance activity. Our passion for maritime heritage preservation would be hollow indeed if we were not equally concerned about the health of Puget Sound.

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