Adopt Damascus as a sister city, stop a strike

RainierSeptember 18, 2013 

What can we Americans do when our controlled federal government is planning to bomb Damascus? According to all polls, emails and phone calls to the White House and Congress, it is crystal clear that the vast majority of Americans oppose the idea of bombing Syria. Yet, our federal representatives may well ignore their true constituents to favor the banker/military/industrial complex lobby. Even the new Pope knows what’s going on.

May I suggest that each American city pass a resolution stating that their city is a Sister City to Damascus, Syria and that the U.S. bombing of Damascus would be considered as bombing of itself.

Here’s an example: We, the City Council of Olympia wish to inform President Obama and every member of Congress that the City of Olympia considers itself to be a Sister City to Damascus, Syria. Therefore, let it be known that any bombing by the U.S. military of Damascus, Syria would be considered a bombing of Olympia. We, the City Council of Olympia therefore demand that our representatives, the president and Congress of the United States do not bomb Damascus.

I have asked the City Council of Olympia to place this idea on their agenda for Tuesday.

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