A contempt for blacks still alive in Democrats

OlympiaSeptember 18, 2013 

Recent statements by Ed Asner show the true heart of the liberal left. He said Hollywood personalities that would usually protest the war effort have failed to respond because they were afraid of being seen as anti-black. That’s the trouble with the left: They can’t separate skin color from a person’s mindless policies.

Conservative whites that disagree with President Barack Obama are called racist. Conservative blacks are referred to as Uncle Toms or even more disgusting, Oreos. Conservatives champion the rights of all people to move up the economic ladder. Liberal policies hold people back by making them dependent on government handouts.

If those on the left, being as intelligent as they imagine themselves to be, would study the history of the progressive movement, they would find that it was given its biggest boost by President Woodrow Wilson, who was a radical racist and segregationist. His contempt for blacks is still alive in the progressive (Democrat) movement as the left sees blacks and other minorities as unable to care for themselves. Thus, the government needs to step in and take care of them.

It is a shame the educated left can’t see the forest for the trees. The left also vigorously campaigns for unfettered abortion rights for women. Planned Parenthood, the major source of abortion in America, originated with Margaret Sanger, a progressive who advocated eugenics. If that isn’t racist, I don’t know what is.

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