Its confusing, hard work to survive in America

OlympiaSeptember 19, 2013 

How to stay/become healthy? By being endowed with good genes, sufficient income, available nutrients/information, making smart decisions, steeling will power/self-control, devoid of alcohol, nicotine, drug addictions, engaging in physical exercises, demanding fresh air, clean water, noiseless habitats, getting re-energizing sleep. Now, who gets/does all of the above?

Agencies supposed to protect us either lack proper funding (EPA) or have foxes guarding the henhouses (FDA). No longer checked by impartial experts, drug companies have gotten away with it — murder (without trials), as have banks, campaign contributors, sardonically smirking all the way to Wall Street.

Of course, there are those among us who want to live healthfully, while others are bent on self-destructive behaviors, and all the rest in between. What a country, where everyone makes a fast buck at the expense of the next guy. Where shame, self-recrimination, collaborative healing endeavors are drowned out by excessive noises, including helicopters whose residential night maneuvers are anything but freedom clarions, rather startling disturbers of much needed sleep, harbingers of world warfare poised to bombard innocent women and children, for corporate profit and dominance.

Then there are the pesticide sprinkled foods we ingest, unless privy to clean/unaltered seeds, organically grown produce, self-harvested. Not even vegans are being left out of this dance of death. It takes hard work to ferret out reasonably safe ways to become and stay healthy and guts to fight for decent survival.

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