Shouldn’t we know what is in our food?

OlympiaSeptember 20, 2013 

Over 350,000 voters have signed a petition to bring I-522 to our ballot. This act is simply asking for food labels to include if something was genetically modified. Monsanto, a chemical company and creator of genetically modified foods, spent over $4.8 million campaign dollars on the No for I-522 campaign. I emailed Monsanto numerous times asking if they are proud of how widespread genetically modified foods, patented by their company, have become. They responded, explaining they produce food in a safe manner and were made to look bad on the Internet with lies. I asked if they made donations to I-522, how much and why. They stopped emailing their “we are the victim” nonsense. They stopped emailing me back completely.

Funding for No on I-522 has come from junk food and pesticide companies. Not one company, made to look bad on the Internet for no reason, is among them. Why would businesses focused on profits, spend millions on advertisements to keep the words “genetically” and “modified” off labels if this isn’t a bad thing?

If you aren’t familiar with genetically engineered organisms (GMOs), I encourage you to look into it. They are on every shelf, in every grocery store. Most people don’t care what they put in their bodies, but shouldn’t those who do be allowed to know?

I am not telling you how to vote on I-522. I am informing you who is. I hope this creates awareness and inspires, at least some, to research and think for yourselves.

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