Bible presents a clear choice for Christians

LaceySeptember 21, 2013 

The column by Leonard Pitts Jr. about NALT — Not All Like That — Christians, presents an either/or situation that does not exist: Either a Christian accepts the gay community and their lifestyle with open arms, or he/she castigates them.

Pitts appears not to understand that it is Christians, per se, who reach out to all sorts of people who are different from themselves — the homeless, the drug-addicted and yes, even providing counsel for the LGBT community if they request it.

There are persons in my own family who do not fit the Christian mold. I love them. However, this does not mean that I accept and encourage a lifestyle that is injurious to them. My love prays for a better, more stable life according to God’s plan for mankind.

If a Christian’s moral compass is solely based upon the Bible and its tenets, then he accepts those tenets in total. If a Christian does not wholly accept what the Bible teaches, then he has a salad bar religion, picking and choosing what best fits his palate. It’s all so clear. Unless, of course, he’s spending too much time at the salad bar.

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