A basic right to know what is in our food

OlympiaSeptember 21, 2013 

Like so many Americans, I love food, freedom and truth. I am so grateful to live in a community that supports our local farmers market, small farms and a variety of venues to buy and sell fresh produce and good food. A concern I have is the bankrolling of ads by corporations and businesses opposed to the truth-in-labeling initiative, I-522.

It is my understanding that the Monsanto Corp. has paid more than $5 million, so far, to try to defeat this vote. Could massive greed and delusion drive the investment of so much money? Our basic human right to know about the food we choose to purchase and eat is at stake. Many countries have truth in labeling; their citizens demanded it. Is genetically modified food safe? Who does it benefit? Vote yes on I-522 so Washingtonians can have all the facts about what is in our food.

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