More sleep for teens will require discipline

OlympiaSeptember 23, 2013 

Regarding The Olympian editorial, “Shift in school start time better for teen brains,” the real issue I believe is discipline both on the part of the young people as well as their parents or guardians. (I’ll take it on faith that someone has studied this and found that children do get more sleep if the start time for school is set later.)

I don’t think there is anything wrong with a parent setting limits on the late night use of electronic devices or caffeine infused beverages. By the time the child reaches teen years it becomes more difficult to be the one who has to be the bearer of such bad news as instructing a child to get to bed, quit drinking caffeine at a certain time or not at all, and confiscating electronics at a certain time.

Saying “no” is difficult, but not without its rewards, and there are ways of saying “yes” that really mean “no.”

Laws make us a nation, rules make us a civilization, and courtesy makes us a community. Let’s work together on all three in all areas.

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