Local travelers feel safe in Mazatlan, despite news

LaceySeptember 23, 2013 

Thank you for printing the great, informative report about Mazatlan (Mexico) in your June 16 Sunday edition. My husband and I have been going to Mazatlan for a long time, lately twice a year.

Our friends have asked us “Is it safe? How about all the crimes and killings you hear and read about?” Our answer: We always feel very safe. In all the years we have been going there we have never experienced any danger, any crime. We have never seen any shootings.

To be sure, we avoid certain areas that are known to harbor drug lords and violent gangs. At night we avoid the same type of places we would avoid in Tacoma, Seattle or Olympia.

We have Mexican friends there that have taken us to places outside Mazatlan, e.g. El Quelite, San Ignacio and Rosario. We have always been welcomed there and made to feel comfortable. At times we are the only Americans in the restaurant, and we are treated the same as other (Mexican) guests.

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