Gunn ignores the context of Davis market remark

OlympiaSeptember 24, 2013 

I don’t like information from any source without looking at information directly at its source. So I went to Sue Gunn’s web page and viewed the video she is quoting regarding Jeff Davis’ comment to “take back the farmers market.”

He prefaces this statement with something like “as I have joked in the past” and it seemed to me that he was doing exactly that, joking. The video is edited so I cannot say that I have seen the whole thing, but I think I have seen enough.

Comments lifted out of a statement and out of context are one of the lesser ways to try to put forward one’s agenda versus their opponent. Commissioner Davis would be crazy to seriously think of taking away the Olympia Farmers Market, and I firmly believe that he did not say that, or if he was even thinking about it.

It did look like Commissioner Barner got a good laugh out of it though.

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