Is library system biased with an anti-male view?

OlympiaSeptember 24, 2013 

Our Timberland Library system appears to be sexist. Search the catalog for a major feminist author and, with few exceptions, it will find at least some of her works. But search for a major author on men’s issues or that is critical of feminism and, with few exceptions, it will draw a blank.

You want to read Christina Sommer’s June 2013 book, “Freedom Feminism,” don’t look for it here. Or Warren Farrell’s perennial bestseller, “Why Men Earn More,” which demolishes feminism’s lies about the gender pay gap? Sorry, they don’t carry that, but if you want to read books that perpetuate those lies, you can find those.

Want a book that perpetuates false stereotypes about men and domestic violence? Come on down. But try to find anything by Erin Pizzey, the founder of the Battered Women’s Shelter Movement, whose books reveal the truth about domestic violence in America, forget about it.

The Timberland Libraries are a wonderful resource, but I am disappointed to see that they are protecting the myths and lies, and the sexism, of feminist orthodoxy from the truth.

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