We elected Obama before vetting his true character

OlympiaSeptember 25, 2013 

While we reflect on Martin Luther King, Jr.’s famous declaration that we need to judge others, not by the color of their skin, but by the content of their character – let us also acknowledge that it is just as dangerous to reject an entire group due to the actions and character of one single individual.

What happened when we elected a man because of the color of his skin rather than by an assessment of his experience and the content of his character – a man unvetted, vanilla in his voting record, and credentialized only as a community organizer? Unfortunately, we got a man who promised transparency but gave us distortions and scandalous cover-ups; a unifier who demonized his opponents and pit one group against another; a self-styled advocate of the middle class who played with the celebrity rich, even as the middle class declined; a constitutional scholar who evaded the law; a political reformer who rewarded his green cronies with debt-strapped stimulus funds; a transformer who let America languish under the control of his unelected czars.

We must never judge future non-Caucasian presidential candidates by the incompetence and self-serving behavior of our current president. Indeed, we need to elect a man or woman who will genuinely unite all of us as Americans.

As for me, I would certainly welcome the candidacy of the likes of Allen West, Dr. Benjamin Carson, Ted Cruz or Marco Rubio.

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