Democratic solution to divisive Co-op lawsuit

OlympiaSeptember 26, 2013 

Members of this community are still quibbling over process at the Olympia Food Co-op when it adopted an international boycott of Israeli products over three years ago.

Recent letter writers defended three members of the co-op who sued volunteer board members and staff to punish them for their decision process. They fail to acknowledge democratic solutions that could have been used years ago, defending divisive legal proceedings that have dragged on for years, cost thousands and not resolved anything.

Regardless of the decision three years ago, board elections have come and gone since the decision, and another approaches, yet those who oppose the boycott have not even proposed bringing the issue to a full vote of the membership. They have completely lost sight of the actual issue, which is that our community supports holding all nations accountable for their human rights abuses. Boycott is a grass-roots strategy with a proven record of success, while quibbling over process rarely generates lasting progress.

If we cannot manage to keep sight of concrete steps toward justice and democracy within our own community, even if feelings are hurt, how can we possibly expect our leadership to do so when lives are at stake?

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