Background check did not stop Navy shooting

OlympiaSeptember 27, 2013 

Once again the cry for stricter gun control laws is being heard from left-wing, anti-gun, anti-Second Amendment activists. As usual, they don’t care about facts.

First, the shooter did not have a semi-automatic firearm. He was armed with a pump-action shotgun. This is the exact firearm that Biden recommended for home defense. There is one thing this shooter had in common with previous shooters — he was having mental problems (hearing voices and paranoia).

The Navy Yard shooting again showed that universal background checks will not stop the mentally challenged from getting guns. The shooter had a secret clearance. Clearances for the military (to include civilian contractors) are far more in-depth than the routine background check that activists scream about.

But anti-gun activists are really mainly concerned about getting to total gun confiscation in the U.S. regardless of the Constitution.

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