Former state employee calls for accountability

LaceySeptember 28, 2013 

A poignant topic for your readers, and the legislators. I am a former state employee, and retired DOD performance inspector. Unlike federal government and many states, Washington currently has no internal authoritative arm to hold state agency managers accountable for their actions, or failures to act. We do have an Attorney General’s Office, but agencies are left to self-govern.

Employees are allowed to accomplish only 10 percent of their work. Smoke breaks that consume over 72 percent of their work time. And yet, no one dares hold workers or managers accountable for mismanagement. WMS and leads assume a posture of untouchability due to their position power, institutional knowledge or their proximity to retirement. These events occur daily.

Workers that try to correct, are stymied or their career is suppressed. And the problem is so widespread and runs so high that workers wanting to make a positive difference eventually surrender to hopelessness.

Washington taxpayers deserve the very best from the stewards of their resources. Internal investigations are an impotent feign to placate the reporters. Lesson: You don’t ask the crook to investigate/prosecute other crooks. The good-ole-boy system is strong and in use.

It is my prayer that the public can generate a collective outcry to have our state leaders act decisively to create an independent office within the AGO where whistleblowers can go without fear of reprisal, and force our agencies to act in transparency for the benefit of all.

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