I-522 addresses only labeling, not safety

OlympiaSeptember 28, 2013 

Some say the jury is still out on whether GMOs are safe or not, and it may be some time before there is solid proof either way. Even though more and more scientists are voicing concerns about GMO foods, the issue of labeling is the only issue addressed by I-522. The right to know what is in the foods you feed your family is a right that no one should disagree on.

The opposition to I-522 lists several reasons not to label, one being that it will cost the average family over $400 per year in added food costs to label. Food packages already have labels. Did the cost of foods increase $400 per family per year when they were forced to add one more line to the label stating the amount of trans-fats in the food? No. If I-522 passes and you are pro GMO you will know what foods contain them and if you are anti-GMO you will know which foods to avoid. Those on the fence can do their own research and make a choice.

Then in 20 years if GMOs are proved harmful, consumers can’t come back and say they weren’t aware that they had ingested GMO foods, but I guess that is what the Monsanto Protection Act is meant to protect against.

Sixty-four countries around the world require GMO labeling. Why should our citizens be exempt?

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