The Bible isn’t all so clear to all Christians

OlympiaSeptember 29, 2013 

In response to Karen Strand’s letter published Sept. 21, “Bible presents a clear choice for Christians”: To say that Christians look to the Hebrew and Christian Scriptures as authoritative texts is not to say that “it’s all so clear.” Such a statement vastly overestimates human knowledge and understanding, and underestimates the mystery of God.

“It’s all so clear” also ignores the truth that Scripture is always interpreted through the biased lens and social location of the reader. Following the scriptural call to love God and love others, the Christian tradition has undoubtedly done a great deal of good over the centuries. However, the Christian tradition has also made grave errors when it interpreted Scripture to, for example, support the institution of slavery, maintain segregated churches well into the 20th century, and suppress the voices of women.

As a Christian, I do not believe in the Bible; rather, I believe in the Living God revealed in the Bible. This Living God is active in every time and place, constantly supporting life and peace and struggling against oppression wherever it exists.

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