Corporations that hate human beings back 522

OlympiaOctober 1, 2013 

We just received a lengthy out-of-state telephone survey about Initiative 522. I really wasn’t sure until now. The script-reading surveyor was obviously biased towards Monsanto and the other big corporations that don’t want this measure passed. Remember 2008, the bail-out-the-banks, and how the real definition of fascism is the unholy collusion between big business and government, and I would add corporate media.

So now we have authority figures, ex-AGs and the like on TV telling you that you really shouldn’t have your food labeled. Add in the frenzy of the pseudo-post 9/11 blind patriotism and we have the weird times we live in. They can’t quite totally deny the constitution yet, so they still have to survey and lean on you expecting to persuade you to agree that the same corporations that hate human beings in general are somehow right about voting no on 522. Thanks for the survey; I am voting yes.

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