Americans have fought to repeal bad laws in the past

OlympiaOctober 2, 2013 

To insist we stop fighting the implementation of Obamacare because it is the law of the land is like insisting Olympia fund the war on marijuana because it is the law of the nation. Prohibition (also passed by a Senate and House where Democrats were the majority) was the law of the land, yet people fought and repealed that. Segregation was also the law of the land in the Democrat South until enough people of both parties nationally fought to have it repealed.

So apparently it is not unpatriotic to fight a bad law simply because it was passed by a one-party Congress and signed by a symbol-minded president. People fought anti-abortion laws until they won court approval. Now other people fight to overturn it. That’s democracy.

Many believe the unintended financial consequences of Obamacare for the majority of Americans are devastating and far outweigh the intended largesse for the minority. Those opposed have the right to change Obamacare with every legal means they can find. Indeed, people promise change every campaign cycle. Sometimes they even promise hope.

I hope Washington’s senators and representatives will change and remove Obamacare before it destroys our health care system.

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