Don’t be fooled on 522 — we need GMO labels

OlympianOctober 3, 2013 


Citizens in Washington state have the opportunity to vote on an important right we all should have: The right to know what’s in our food. Please vote yes on I-522, which would require labeling information on grocery foods sold containing Genetically Modified Organisms (GMOs). The no campaign, financed solely by five to six large mega-corporations, would have you believe their basket of lies... millions of dollars are currently being spent by these behemoths, advertising to us, hoping they’ll scare people into voting against the public’s own best interest, and for their everrising profits. They really know no shame.

They would have you believe that your food bills will skyrocket, and that farmers and food producers will suffer losses. Hogwash. It will be simpler for these big companies to align their labeling with the ones they now provide for 64 other nations who have either banned or require labeling for GMOs, countries that have been the wiser about GMOs than we. And farmers/ food producers in our state would like the freedom to market their products outside the U.S. free from the taint of hidden GMOs.

Don’t be fooled. Labels provide information so we can make our own decisions. Labeling sodium, sugar and trans fat didn’t raise grocery prices, and labeling GE foods won’t either. These corporations care about their bottom line, not our right to know what’s in our food.


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