A solution for handling the nation’s mentally ill

October 3, 2013 

I can no longer stand in silence about the casual dismissal of this country’s mental health crisis by politicians and the media. As the father of a mentally ill child and the grandfather of a mentally ill grandchild, I can make this crisis very easy to understand and make workable suggestions for solutions.

Every mentally challenged child who enters into our education system should get adequate mental health resources.

Next, create a mental health facility for children to go into upon leaving the school system instead of sending them out into society without any support and often ending up in the justice system. From this facility, the mentally ill should be treated, stabilized and transitioned into society.

Next, a system of mental health providers should operate like parole officers to follow and care for for the rest of that mentally ill person’s life, ensuring they receive necessary medication and have access to counseling.

To me, this is not complicated or expensive. It can work to keep these people out of our prison system and to keep them from harming themselves or others, which will more than pay for this badly needed change to our approach to the mentally ill.


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