Obamacare is the result of compromise by Dems

SheltonOctober 5, 2013 

We must remember that the Affordable Care Act is the result of compromise. Many on the left wanted single-payer health insurance or, at the very least, a public option. They got neither. The payer mandate was originally a Republican proposal (which they denounced as unconstitutional once the Democrats were willing to include it in their plan).

Yes, the Democrats were willing to compromise in order to get something meaningful passed even though it would not be as effective as it could have been. Now the GOP is yelling compromise. The Republicans, particularly the tea partiers, must understand that compromise involves give and take on both sides. It does not mean that one side takes and takes and takes until it gets everything it wants.

Our health care is by far the most expensive and not the most productive system on the planet. Other industrialized nations have managed to provide better care at much less expense. If the GOP were really concerned about our system, it had four years with G.W. Bush, during which it could have presented a plan without partisan obstructionism.

The Republicans were much too busy fighting wars (not paid for), alienating our allies, and destroying our economy. Meanwhile, tens of thousands of Americans went uninsured. As a result many died. Others opted for emergency room treatment, costing the taxpayer high rates and not providing the best of care.

There is a reason the Affordable Care Act has been labeled Obamacare. Obama (and the Democrats) care.

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