Lawson found projects through council activity

LaceyOctober 6, 2013 

You may deem Ron Lawson’s term on the Lacey City Council “lackluster,” but you should have tried following him around for a while before you jumped to that conclusion. Whenever the mayor has asked members to show up at a function, you can count on three members being there: Cynthia Pratt, Ron Lawson and Mayor Virgil Clarkson. Most of these events are not photo-ops.

As to your claim that he could have created the community gardens, a civic project independent of the council, it’s unlikely he would have received funding for them as a private citizen. In fact, it’s unlikely that he would have been aware of the opportunity to help low-income families at Tolmie Cove had it not been for his participation with the Community Action Council.

If not voting the way members of his party want him to is divisive, then he’s guilty. Members of his party who he has financially supported in their elections have shunned him because of it.

You may not agree with Ron’s stand on things. That’s okay. I don’t always agree with him, but I respect him for at least taking the position that a term as a City Council member should be nonpartisan.

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