Learn the legislative process before destroying our nation

TumwaterOctober 6, 2013 

Rick Taylor, in his recent letter to the editor, is right in that one should continue to fight for what one believes in. He’s also right that any claim that such a fight against the Affordable Care Act should stop because it is already the law of the nation is contrary to our democratic principals. But, comparing Obamacare with the effects of Prohibition and racial segregation is nonsense, as is claiming it will “destroy our health care system.”

For that matter, most of the sound-and-fury from the Republicans against Obamacare is nonsense. But, free speech allows them to spew any idiocy they choose.

The correct argument to the Republican opposition to Obamacare is in their tactics. Forty-three “repeal Obamacare” votes that can go nowhere while ignoring constructive law-making. Refusing to even bring up a clean budget bill for a vote. These are actions by children who want to take their baseball and go home if they don’t get to be the pitcher.

Even Prohibition and racial segregation laws, no matter how ill-compared with Obamacare by Taylor, were repealed by legislation and/or judicial decisions, not political blackmail. We have a well-established and successful legislative process that was never intended to include extortion by a radical minority.

The Republicans (and especially the tea party nuts) need to learn to use it before they destory our nation.

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