Would founders like how we managed this nation?

OlympiaOctober 7, 2013 

When we backpack, my sons and I always try to practice the campers’ credo: leave your campsite better than you found it. I suspect our Founding Fathers, if they could come forward to the present, would love to survey our country’s campsite, and assess if it’s better than they left it. In many ways, I think they would, but on two points, I think not.

We are presently mired within two opportunities to push forward the intellectual composites of their founding work: Life and opportunity, and gun management.

We adopted a principle of choosing life with the passage of the Affordable Health Care law. While its baby legs are trying to gain strength, it is being torn asunder. It hasn’t even been given the opportunity to move forward without the claws of fear and uncertainty taking it down.

And, we are presently held in bondage by the paranoid and schizophrenic rantings of a lobby that refuses to allow us to manage — rationally — our love affair with guns. A device whose sole purpose, in every case, is to destroy what it impacts, lords over our flesh-and-blood ability to live sane lives.

Our Founding Fathers performed the insurmountable by shaking off the shackles of imperial and self-serving government. Why are we presently unable to move their work to a higher and more magnanimous level? Is it because we are, in our present state, more unhealthy than they were?

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