I-522 ads deceive public on the dangers of GMO

LaceyOctober 9, 2013 

Initiative 522, touted in TV ads as enormously expensive to consumers and needless, since food is already labeled, is so full of deception it deserves an award for twisted logic. Changing a label costs nothing. Informed consumers, however, could affect profits.

GMO consists of injecting herbicides and insecticides into the genetic makeup of food. These chemicals have been established through research to be harmful to animals and humans. They are known to cause illness, birth defects and generational genetic changes.

The family farmers these fake ads claim to protect are most vulnerable to the corporate use of GMO. Organic farmers have lost their organic designation when crops were infected by GMO seeds. Also, Monsanto, in an example of stupendous greed and wrong-thinking, has sued farmers who have had the misfortune of inheriting GMO through seeds blowing into their fields. Monsanto claims they are stealing their patented process.

Monsanto’s callous use of toxic chemicals in our food supply has been trumped by nature. The very insects they are trying to repel are becoming resistant. I-522 follows similar bills passed in other states and many countries. We have a right to be informed regarding the food we eat. It costs nothing to add the GMO designation to affected foods.

Unfortunately, this bill doesn’t go far enough, since it doesn’t require listing what has been added to the food. Round Up for breakfast, anyone?

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