Republicans are destroying what terrorists cannot do

SheltonOctober 10, 2013 

Regarding America’s latest shooting massacre, we all know what’s next. Three weeks of public anger, and then — despite the fact that most Americans favor strict gun controls — no change. We expect that coal companies will export more and more coal to China, despite scientific certainty that coal combustion damages all of humanity.

Despite public support, even a simple new GMO-foods labeling law is unlikely. And we think of the current hysterical Republican attack on a new health care program that most Americans favor — indeed, Republican sabotage of our whole government — as normal.

These and other outrages (sabotage of Social Security, food stamps, etc.) are what a democracy looks like when it is taken over by corporate power. The driving force is the recent Supreme Court Citizens United decision defining corporations as persons and paving the way for gigantic anonymous corporate funding, through political action committees, of political candidates who will do their bidding in Congress.

The only permanent solution is an amendment to the Constitution. That takes time and work. In the short run, there’s another way to fight back. That is, never vote for Republicans. The national party is owned by corporate interests and even otherwise decent local GOP candidates are pressured to play ball or lose the next election.

Republicans are destroying what terrorists can never touch — our government of and by the people system. Always vote against them at the polls.

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