Health exchange costs more than old policy

OlympiaOctober 10, 2013 

Last year my wife and I made the decision to retire when I got eligible for Medicare and we would get a health insurance policy for her, which we did. She is four years younger than me. Her policy had a $3,500 deductible (high but that is what we purchased). Her plan no longer meets the Affordable Health Act and will expire on Dec. 31. We went to the Washington Health Plan Finder and got a quote. For a $6,000 deductible policy the costs increased $110 per month and a lot less coverage. This is not affordable health care. So if something happens it costs me approximately $3,800 more for one year.

Why should my rights to have my old policy for my wife be taken away and cost me a lot more money for less insurance? But yet President Barack Obama will not negotiate a bad law, in my opinion.

Yesterday a health care provider that takes care of my mother in an adult family home told me that she can not afford the quote that she received also. This will severely hurt the retired that are not eligible for Medicare, which I think is going away. We can’t go back to the workforce at our age to get insurance.

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