Medical care for Americans should be a top U.S. priority

LaceyOctober 12, 2013 

As a physician, having worked a decade in the Democratic Republic of Congo and Haiti and over two decades in the USA Indian Health Service, it comes as a surprise to me that the health care plan referred to as Obamacare faces so much misunderstanding and opposition.

I have seen abject poverty, scarce medical care resources, and many people who have died because of lack of good medical care. But a rich country like the USA should not have over 40 million people without adequate health insurance. Obamacare seeks to reduce that number significantly.

Will that cost something extra? Yes, but why not spend more on our own citizens’ health needs? Or would we rather save that money so that we can launch cruise missiles and burn up our resources in massive weapons of destruction?

Each day, we declare our priorities. Why can’t adequate medical care for our own be one of our priorities.

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