Why and when did heroin become so less expensive?

OlympiaOctober 13, 2013 

I read with interest your editorial on the problems in our city resulting from heroin use. And I’ve been glad to see, over the past few months, more being written nationwide on the same topic.

There’s one aspect of heroin use, though, that no one has addressed: why did heroin suddenly become so affordable several years ago?

I can’t help drawing a connection to our presence in Afghanistan and particularly wonder whether the price of heroin has anything to do with all the contractors left behind as our troops withdraw.

Naturally this is all conjecture on my part. But I’d sure love to see a reporter or two take a stab at discovering what dropped the price of heroin, resulting in such a huge increase in heroin addiction.

The increasing percentage of heroin addicts over the past five years is staggering. About five years ago the price of heroin dropped drastically. Hmm … .

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