Lawmakers have no need to speed to long sessions

LaceyOctober 14, 2013 

A big thank you to Rep. Dave Hayes for announcing his proposal to eliminate the free pass for legislators to speed down the highways during the legislative session on the off chance they’re going to miss a voting opportunity.

As The Olympian’s article indicated, this constitutional law was passed back when some lawmakers had to ride horses for days to reach the Capitol to vote. Those days are long gone.

Prior to retiring from working for the state, my bosses would not accept my lateness because of traffic. The response was, “Why didn’t you leave earlier?” I pass that question on to all our lawmakers.

Our leaders should have to abide by the laws everyone else does. But then there’s Rep. Reuven Carlyle from Seattle who believes they should get a free pass. Where is that thinking coming from — are lawmakers better than the rest of us? I suggest they are not!

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