Gunn’s chameleon ruse is hiding her real agenda

OlympiaOctober 14, 2013 

Sue Gunn claims to be an independent candidate for port commissioner. But she’s really a chameleon candidate, turning Republican red, Democrat blue, or environmentalist green, depending on which faction of the electorate she’s wooing.

In January 2012, Sue was deep blue, advocating ultra-liberal ideas such as downsizing our armed forces and compelling corporations to refrain from political contributions. But by mid-summer, she was a neutral purple and coyly refused to reveal her positions on controversial issues, thereby flunking VoteSmart’s Political Courage Test.

This year, Red Sue is a hardheaded fiscal conservative, preoccupied with lowering taxes and running the Port of Olympia at a profit — or so she says in Works in Progress and on her campaign website.

But on an environmentalist website, she’s Green Sue, claiming that she’ll refuse all timber and proppant contracts because they’re bad for the environment — thus depriving the port of several of its most lucrative sources of revenue. This would cost quite a few jobs and increase our taxes, the very thing Red Sue deplores. But not to worry, Green Sue proposes to close down the marine terminal entirely and turn it into a park.

This colorful display is charming but not entirely honest. Roosevelt once described a similarly adept chameleon who “died a tragic death when placed on a Scotch plaid.” Let’s hope that the county’s voters catch on to her quick-change act and retain the incumbent, Jeff Davis.

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