Alexander poor steward of the county’s finances

OlympiaOctober 19, 2013 

More than any other elected official, we trust auditors to be responsible stewards of our tax dollars. While state government has had to tighten its belt, Gary Alexander has loosened his at taxpayer expense. The same teachers he denied initiative-guaranteed pay increases have had to subsidize his two salaries, as both Thurston County auditor and state representative, and even had to pay to clean his dirty laundry. As a January 2013 Associated Press article reported, “A few days after Washington lawmakers approved a budget deal to lower state spending last year, small government Rep. Gary Alexander got $40.60 worth of dry cleaning done. Then he made sure taxpayers paid the bill.” All told, Alexander billed taxpayers for over $500 worth of dry cleaning.

Since he was appointed as county auditor, in the same office where he himself once held a make-work political job, he has treated the county budget as a political patronage piggy bank — even hiring Yelm’s mayor for job duties that are completely unclear. Thurston County taxpayers simply cannot afford to keep Gary Alexander as auditor.

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