Cereal eaters have a right to know what’s in the food

OlympiaOctober 19, 2013 

I was talking with my wife about Initiative-522. I opined that I didn’t think I was eating much GMO food. She said, “What about your breakfast cereals?”

I usually eat Cheerios (oats, not GMO{ or Wheaties (wheat, not GMO) so there shouldn’t be much GMO food there. Then I read the labels carefully. Cheerios: No. 2 ingredient — corn starch — likely from GMO, No. 3 ingredient – sugar (may or not be, because cane sugar is not GMO, but beet sugar could be GMO). Wheaties: No. 2 ingredient sugar, No. 4 ingredient corn syrup — likely GMO.

So I guess all of my cereals probably contain GMOs. But could I find out for sure? I picked up the phone and called General Mills. I asked if GMO ingredients were used in the cereals I had bought. I provided product codes and manufacturing data on the boxes. I was told, “There is no way to know for sure.”

That’s because General Mills uses many different sources for corn products and sugar for making their cereals. She was even unable to tell me if the sugar came from sugar cane or sugar beets. Not a very satisfactory answer, I’m afraid, but honest.

They just don’t know or care. I believe they should do both so I can know what I’m eating. We need GMO labeling on packaged products just like the other 68 countries of the world who already do.

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