Pratt has right vision for the City of Lacey

LaceyOctober 20, 2013 

When Cynthia Pratt kicked off her re-election campaign, she spoke eloquently about her vision for Lacey and the issues that matter the most to her. I realized that she’s talking about restoring something that Lacey has been lacking for some time — a sense of community and identity. Her leadership on converting the Woodland Business District into a pedestrian-friendly area that will include places for residents to live, work, dine, shop and play has been brilliant.

There is no way Lacey will ever have a single city center in the traditional sense. However, if Pratt has her way, the Woodland District will be the first of several walkable “mini-downtowns” that will help Lacey mature into a thriving city.

I am impressed with her intelligence, her vision, her courage and her willingness to work hard for the people she represents. She takes the time to listen to residents’ concerns and goes to bat for them. Lacey got a winner when we elected Cynthia Pratt four years ago.

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