Biotech giants are fighting GMO label Initiative 522

OlympiaOctober 21, 2013 

I know of many people confused regarding Initiative 522. If you are uncertain about this initiative, consider who is supporting the no vote campaign: Monsanto, Dow Chemical and Bayer, all multi-billion dollar companies. News you probably haven’t heard via U.S. news media: Joining six continents, 52 countries and over 500 cities, “March against Monsanto” is planning its second mass rally Saturday against the biotech giant and genetically modified food. A number of Agent Orange victims are expected to join the protest.

Also, hundreds of thousands across the U.S. joined the worldwide rally against biotech giant Monsanto and genetically engineered crops. It comes shortly after the Senate turned down a bill that would allow states to require the labeling of GM foods. Please research for yourself what GMOs are. Don’t just go by the slick advertisements.

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