4 reasons to vote for Initiative 522

SheltonOctober 22, 2013 

First, Initiative 522 is a citizen-based initiative with considerable support from citizens, particularly consumers. Second, the initiative would give me more information and allow me to make better decisions in the grocery store. I would not necessarily exclude all GMO products, but I would be able to better compare products.

Third, even if there is a small increase in costs associated with the food, I will have a wider selection of labeled food to choose from, compared to the alternative, which is organic. Organic food and food products, which do not contain GMOs, cost two to five times as much as non-GMO.

Finally, I have read literature from our own local apple associations and wheat farmers opposing the introduction of genetically modified crops, such as the Arctic apple. Our wheat farmers introduced a similar bill to I-522 a few years ago. We seem to be forgetting that Washington State is an agricultural state, and a majority of our crops are not GMO. I am from Walla Walla, in eastern Washington, and I support our farmers, commercial and organic, and I support the biological integrity of our crops.

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