Stop the Port of Olympia building a new warehouse

OlympiaOctober 24, 2013 

The Port of Olympia spends taxpayer dollars for fixed assets to accommodate particular business corporations, but those business deals end soon, leaving the port owning “white elephants.”

Right now, the port is rushing to build a second warehouse on the marine terminal because the proppants that are imported from China to be used for hydrofracturing (fracking) North Dakota’s oil fields cannot be stored outside. How long will this project last?

Worse yet, “fracking” seriously damages ground water, human health and the climate. I am appalled that the Port of Olympia is complicit in these abuses.

Gov. Jay Inslee’s high-level working group is helping Washington state deal with the climate crisis, but the port of Olympia is on the wrong side.

The port should stop this reckless rush to build another taxpayer-funded warehouse for a bad purpose.

The Port should hold several public hearings at times convenient for the general public to participate.

Please join me in voting for Sue Gunn to replace Jeff Davis as port commissioner.

I am glad to live in a community where many local people care about our government and the environment and the climate.

Glen Anderson

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