Port has failed schemes paid by property taxes

OlympiaOctober 25, 2013 

In the editorial about the port commissioner race, The Olympian down played Sue Gunn’s concern about the use of tax levy revenues. Unfortunately, it does matter and it is the job of the port commissioners to see that taxpayer’s money is not wasted.

We only have to look at the skyline of the port to see failed schemes that have been financed by the bonds that are now left up to the taxpayer to pay for. We have the container cranes and the container-handling infrastructure that never really got used and now is so rusted that it can’t be used. With the most recently issued bonds, the taxpayer will be paying for a new warehouse when there is no long-term contract on the product that is planned for the new building.

We have a dredging proposal to deepen the area around the Swantown boatlift, which will make it operational during the summer extreme low tides. Where is the cost-benefit study to justify millions in dredging costs vs. the possible increased revenue from boat haul outs scheduled at better times?

Sue Gunn brings an independent, intelligent perspective and represents the taxpayers, not the special interests.

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