Consider animal’s needs before acquiring a pet

OlympiaOctober 26, 2013 

As I read the Oct. 5 article about the hybrid wolves that broke out of their enclosures, it reminded of the numerous times I have encountered aggressive dogs, loose, either with no owner in sight, or an owner who chooses not to adequately respond to their pet’s threatening behavior. I was pleased to read that the owner of the hybrid wolves called the sheriff for help. It might have prevented injuries to other animals and humans — while saving the owner from larger legal actions.

However, the article also stated that the wolves had been working on their enclosures for a while. If you are going to own wild animals, (a 98 percent wolf), you need to really know what you are doing. Since the wolves are trying to get out, I doubt they are getting what they need in space and exercise. In this case, I doubt that the decision to keep wolves in the backyard, hybrid or not, is a wise one.

People ought to take both their neighbor’s safety as well as the animals’ needs into account, before acquiring them.

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