Team names can’t laugh off the years of racial slurs

OlympiaOctober 26, 2013 

Kathleen Parker’s recent column in The Olympian upset me enough to write a response. She suggested that American Indians should learn to laugh off racial slurs and offensive language because the Seminole Tribe in Florida has embraced the team name “Seminoles” and African Americans have used the “N-word” when speaking to each other as well in music and movies, etc.

I would like to ask Parker whether she would approve of naming teams with the N-word? If it’s so acceptable in society now, why don’t we just write it out in full? Would she and her friends prefer a team named the Cleveland

These names are not funny. They evoke hundreds of years of oppression, genocide and ethnic cleansing. Should we laugh off the Holocaust as well as the American policy of extinction of American Indians? Please, Parker, if you have no empathy, please learn to respect those who aren’t like yourself. At least read a little history before writing off an entire people.

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