The People’s House will make Olympia dangerous

OlympiaOctober 26, 2013 

I am for homeless shelters in Olympia, but not ones that will be a magnet to sex offenders and drug addicts. The no-rule policy for a homeless shelter is both unsafe and amateur. This shelter would be doing no favors for anyone.

Is this what you want to bring to Olympia: more drugs and sex offenders? As if we don’t already have more then our share. This proposal is insane, it will only cause Olympia harm. Parents are going to have to worry more about their kids as well as keep an even closer eye on them. Police will need to work even harder and in more potentially dangerous situations. Crime rates of the worst kind will be off the charts for Olympia. Real estate will go down.

Go ahead do your part in turning Olympia into a trashy more-hazardous city. Meanwhile, I will only volunteer at rational do-good homeless shelters.

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