Exporting coal does not contribute to clean future

OlympiaOctober 27, 2013 

Hurray for The Olympian. It finally covered a news story about local activism and democracy in action. However, it did it so poorly that bias was obvious. You covered the story that there was tremendous opposition to coal trains and coal export at the public hearing with the Department of Ecology and Cowlitz County. But instead of actually telling the reader why people are so against the proposal, you focused most of your coverage on quoting the Millenium CEO’s quotes (not even a speaker at the hearing) on how we have got to meet China’s growing love of coal.

Hey, I call that a Red Herring. You could have mentioned once in the article the hundreds of people at the rally who were pleading for global warming effects to be studied in the EIS. The elephant was in the room and you missed it.

If we are to prevent the most devastating, life-threatening effects from global climate change, we must implement a clean energy future now. We must decide to not contribute to the burning of coal in the world, which is the deadliest and highest carbon dioxide emitter of all fossil fuels.

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