Alexander commended for working for county, state

OlympiaOctober 27, 2013 

Like most people, I am offended by obnoxious robo calls. The latest ones are even more offensive because they take negative campaigning to a new level. County Auditor Gary Alexander’s opponent is using robo calls to attack him for working two jobs. Shouldn’t he be commended?

I admire Alexander’s sense of duty. Rather than doing the easy thing, he fulfilled his obligations to the public that elected him to the Legislature. He also carried out his recent appointment to fill Kim Wyman’s vacancy as Thurston County auditor. I admire him for his integrity.

He’s announced publicly that after responsibly fulfilling his legislative obligations this year, he is resigning his position in the state House at the end of the year. By the way, since our Legislature is part time, 75 percent of the legislators have two jobs.

Alexander’s opponent and her supporters are not just attacking him for working hard, they’re actually attacking all of our part-time legislators. Alexander’s opponent is a mid-level manager in the Pierce County courthouse, so she may not understand the work ethic in Thurston County. We admire people for working hard. We don’t vilify them.

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