City Councilman Lawson chides Lacey on bag ban

LaceyOctober 29, 2013 

Congratulations to The Olympian editorial board re: (some) of the Lacey City Council members reluctance on a thin plastic bag ban. Rational proof of both national and regional harm done by this convenience, and the 9 million bags discarded by Thurston shoppers is recognized by a staunch minority of this council.

We have two fence sitters and two naysayers to anything that requires positive leadership, in spite of the fact Lacey citizens voted for us to do just that. And, in this writer’s opinion, it has become a political issue with those members. One side rests on solid evidence; the other is supported only by personal aggrandizement and/or political motivations.

I don’t believe I’m speaking out of line since I’ve served with the council for the last three-plus years, and have been Lacey council’s representative on the Solid Waste Advisory Council for the last two years.

Additionally, my household is pretty solidly environmentally balanced and these issues have been part of my education for several years.

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