Letters show no concern for market parking loss

SheltonOctober 29, 2013 

As a market vendor I’m offended by the lack of concern of recent letter writers about access for market customers. Elizabeth Shepard claimed that Sue Gunn, had lifted Jeff Davis’ comment out of context, and that he was actually joking. If you review the full clip it shows those comments are completely in context. Shepard’s claim that Davis was joking is callous because it’s a joke about destroying the livelihood of 100 or so families - far worse than simply acknowledging he has taken an anti-business position about the market.

What do we believe: what he says in the heat of an election campaign, or what he was recorded saying during a Port meeting?

Commissioner McGregor attempted to assure us that new parking will be provided but let’s look at what is actually being offered — far less convenience for our customers. It is one thing for vendors to walk a couple of blocks to park their vehicles, but quite unreasonable to expect families - including the very young and elderly - to haul their purchases this distance. Sue Gunn is paying attention, and we need to elect her, for the good of us all.

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