Gunn wants green economy to support small businesses

OlympiaOctober 29, 2013 

The Port of Olympia is major player in the crucial work of creating a sustainable local economy. The people we elect as port commissioners will either help or hinder that effort. That’s why I’m voting for Sue Gunn. Unlike her opponent, Sue understands the need to develop a clean, green economy that relies on the health of small businesses.

A great example is Sue’s steadfast commitment to the Olympia Farmers Market, a $5 million per year community treasure that provides livelihood to many local entrepreneurs and small family farmers at almost no cost to the port, which owns the land where the market stands. By keeping small family farms economically healthy, we preserve farmland and support vitality in the rural areas of the county.

Her opponent, Jeff Davis, is stuck in the outdated mindset of continuing to export low value raw products to Asia while providing little economic return to the community. And Davis’ support for the port’s involvement in shipping components for fossil fuel fracking fuels climate change and does little to help us build a more resilient community. Sue Gunn is smart, tough and committed to a sustainable local economy.

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