Alexander tied to group attacking voter access

OlympiaOctober 29, 2013 

Almost nothing has appeared in local news stories about Gary Alexander’s prominent membership in the ultraconservative American Legislative Exchange Council (ALEC), a wholly-owned Astroturf subsidiary of the Koch Brothers. The most alarming thing about Alexander’s ties to ALEC is the fact that voter suppression in all elections is a stated goal of ALEC.

Now, they are smart enough not to call it that, but that is the real-world result of their policies: Voter ID laws, curtailing voter registration, elimination of convenient polling places and a myriad of similar laws that have swept through many state legislatures, the net effect of which has been to prevent certain classes of citizens (e.g., minorities, the disabled, youth, students, the stay-at-home elderly on fixed incomes, etc.) from voting. Not surprisingly, this is the very demographic that is statistically more likely to vote for Democrats.

Why should we care? Because our county auditor is the one person responsible for ensuring that all votes in the county are cast and collected in a timely manner, that they are counted correctly, and that the election results are unquestionably above reproach. Gary Alexander really doesn’t pass the sniff test on this one.

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