Davis is the latest target of divisive anti-port view

OlympiaOctober 30, 2013 

I am appalled by the divisive nature of the Sue Gunn for port commissioner campaign. This comes as no surprise considering the individuals that are advising her, aka Friends of the Waterfront- Carnegie Group or whatever name this group goes by now. It seems that they will stop at nothing to gain control of all the waterfront in Olympia. The port has been a target of theirs for many years.

They have even tried to pit the Farmers Market against the longshoremen over a parking lot that was never intended for market parking. This parking was made available to the office workers in the Rants building on Thursdays and Fridays so that they would not have to compete for parking spots on market days.

This arrangement was to end when the port found or created a suitable alternative, which is now the parking lot behind the port-owned WDF building. The parking lot in question has always been Marine Terminal property.

Jeff Davis has a record of success. Sue Gunn has no experience and I am afraid she will only be a mouthpiece for the local groups that want to do away with the port.

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