6 top reasons to vote Mills onto City Council

OlympiaOctober 30, 2013 

Darren Mills is a friend of mine, so this endorsement for Olympia City Council springs from a deeper knowledge than web copy and speeches can deliver. Here are my top six reasons to vote for Darren.

1) He is invested in this community, not ambitious. A place on City Council means that he has a fighting chance to make Olympia a better place to work and live. 2) He is a natural, open and honest communicator, whose first instinct is to get the facts straight and move the truth of an issue forward—regardless of its complexity.

3) He is a master collaborator who knows that working groups of public-minded people can solve or mitigate all the problems we face as an urban area. 4) He is 100 percent pro the kind of economic development that nourishes local business and protects the ecology of this beautiful Northwest setting. 5) He knows how to evaluate a situation and make a smart decision.

And 6) He is the only candidate who understands the complexity of poverty and how it leads to homelessness.

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